Meet the Team

HONEY has been on the farm since its gates opened in 2010.  She was the first lesson horse (well pony) and has served children with thousands of rides. We are not too sure of her breed but thats never mattered.  You know what they say, “ you can’t ride papers.” 

Standing 12.2 hands tall, this little gem of a pony is a favorite to many. She is what you call a been there, done that pony.  She’s as safe as they come.  Given the nickname “blondie,” due to her flaxen mane and tail, she’s most certainly is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

LUCKY is one of our most unique looking horses on the farm due to his different colored eyes.  He has one very bright, blue eye and one, dark brown eye. Even with those crazy eye colors, his temperament is anything but that. Cool, calm and collected is more like it.  Lucky is a dual registered APHA (American paint horse association) and AQHA (American quarter horse association) and stands at 15.2 hands. This big boy is capable of carrying all the shapes and sizes we have here and he does!  Adults and children get the pleasure of enjoying this gentle giant.

BINDI is a fascinating breed and anyone who sees her references her as a unicorn.  She is a Gypsy Vanner and as close to a unicorn as they get!  From her long forelock, mane and tail, to her feathered legs and hooves, she is a head turner.  She has quite a gentle demeanor and loves to lick you like a dog! Ha ha! Bindi is a very stout 14.2 hands so shes a great size for those transitioning from a pony size to a horse!  She’s not only a joy to look at but a joy to ride!

JESSE is simply our “little man.”  This darling buckskin, 12.2 hand, section b welsh pony is one of a kind.  He takes our children to shows, teaches them the ropes of riding safely and brings immesureable amounts of smiles to these little ones faces.  Little man came to us from New Jersey  and his purchase was swift!  I saw him and knew!  Welcome to our farm Jesse!  And no, he is not for sale ;-)

SMOKEY Is a pure white pony and a God sent. His gentle spirit brings makes even the most anxious hearts be at ease. He is trained to drive ( no, not a car) - so we plan to buy equipment that will allow us to use this added bonus and bring it to fruition!  Sleigh rides anyone ?  Wagon rides someone?  YAY! YAY! YAY!  How did we ever get so lucky ?

EVIE is a diamond in the rough. I found her all the way in Micigan. Her owners had never been to Nashville, so they decided to bring her to me themselves. Not only did the mom and dad come but the daughter who had owned her, her entire life. Born and raised on their farm, they had specifics requests for their baby. They chose me out of many inquisitive, inquirers.  Thank you Family!  We love her and YOU!

"PIP" (aka Peaches N’ Cream) has to be one of the most rewarding horses we’ve had come to Kindred. Cantering is one of the fastest paces of a horses rhythms, therefore making it quite difficult to pick up and master. SHE, however, makes it look like a breeze. Specializing in that glorious, western pleasure jog, her canter feels like a walk, slow and steady.  Literally, could not be more thankful for you Pip. You were not expected, but God knew!