Farm Life

My family and I stumbled upon, what we call today, Kindred Spirits, in 2007.  

One Sunday afternoon, after church had let out and lunch with the family was complete, I decided to go for a drive around Franklin. As I was driving around backroads I had never driven on before, I saw a huge for sale sign in a field. This its where the story becomes so interesting and so GOD.  At this point in time, my parents had heard me speak about opening up my own Equine Assisted Therapy program for almost a decade. My father had grown up on a farm himself all of his childhood and yearned for us (my family) to have that same experience.  A farm would not only fulfill his dream, but, it would fulfill mine too.  So the idea of us moving and buying land had been discussed multiple times throughout the years.  I think that is why I did what I did next.  

I chose the home I felt was “attached”  to the sign, walked right up to the front door and knocked!  Low and behold, the daughter of the  owners of this property was housesitting while her parents were away in Colorado.  I remember this distinctly because when I asked her if that sign had anything to do with their property, she replied, “No, it doesn’t but I just got off the phone with my parents two minutes ago!! They are away in Colorado and were checking in on things.  They told me that when they return, they were going to put their 23 acre lot up for sale.  Would you like to see it?”

That very instant, Diana (the daughter) took me for a walk.  I immediately called my parents, they came over and when her parents got back in town, without any realtors being involved or the land ever being listed, my family purchased it!